Gernady x Cryptosodaz


Gernady x CryptoSodaz – Shiba Inu

Gernady x CryptoSodaz – Doge

Gernady x CryptoSodaz – The Philadelphia Experiment 


Gernady is an ongoing art project where I fuse characterized grenades with pop culture. Cryptosodaz is also an ongoing art project which transforms various cryptocurrencies into soda pop cans and merges those cans with latest NFT art. This collaboration is a melding of both into a new animated Grenady & Crytosodaz design.

The collaboration will contain 3 special edition artworks. Gernady Shiba Mix  will be an animated artwork containing three NFT’s for sale. Gernady Doge Mix will be an animated artwork also containing three NFT’s for purchase. And a special 1 of 1 animated NFT titled Laboratory Mix Up with Gernady & Cryptosodaz.


Jeff L.

Jeff L is a Creative/Design Director with a focus on Virtual and Augmented reality as well as Interactive and Experiential experiences.‍ For the past 20 years, he has been an integrated creative, working within all things digital and interactive. Originally from New York, he honed his creative skills by working his way up from intern to art director and thus eventually starting Fake-Up, A digital production shop. As a partner and creative director at Fake-up, he lead the small shop in creative and business growth by successfully beating out some of the more major production shops for key projects and campaigns. Since moving to Los Angeles, he had the opportunity to work with some of the top integrated shops in the city. For the last few years, he has been freelancing as a hired gun of sorts working on all things digital and interactive from screen to physical space.

Doug S.

Doug (dsaba) has worked in many mediums including oils, acrylics and inks. Over the last few years he began focusing on 3D modeling, digital and interactive media. In 2021, he started designing NFT’s that mixed his photography with animation. He has media & design experience in various industries and worked as a consultant with several Fortune 500 companies. Originally from CT, he moved to Austin TX  in 2011 and started a small design firm that has been recognized locally for over 12 years. He joined the NFT boom in early 2021 designing his first set of NFT’s launching them on the CRO blockchain.