dsaba - licensed artist.


If you own a CRYPTOSODAZ Series III Wall Spinner from, you can now print your Authenticated NFT on a video frame! My series III wall spinner art is licensed, authenticated and allowed to be printed by Infinite Objects.

More from Infinite Objects: Our Authenticated NFT Prints will never replace the digital asset, which will always live on-chain. What you are holding is a physical replica that permanently references the exact token it represents. If you sell your NFT to a secondary collector, you’ll always have the physical to show off because you once owned and authenticated your ownership of that token. Scanning the QR code will now let you see how much you sold it for, how much you bought it for, and when it was minted — data that will always live on the blockchain. The new NFT owner will have the option also print this NFT, however, their QR will be unique from yours. That’s because we are recording the “Print Edition” number that you are holding. Your QR represents “Print #1” of that exact NFT. In the future, we’ll surface this data and make your physical even more rare.



Click this link and connect your wallet


Once you connect your wallet that has your NFT’s in it, you will see your collection come up on the screen. Choose (Click on) the NFT you would like to print.


Next choose your frame size (determines price), your Orientation, scaling and background color. I chose X-Large frame, Portrait Orientation, Fill Scaling and Black background. After you make your selections Click the ADD TO CART button and you will be asked to SIGN your wallet (This is not the payment screen it just verifies you want to print)


Enter your payment and shipping information and wait for your NFT video frame to be delivered!