zWeird Society x Cryptosodaz


Weird Society x CryptoSodaz – Mini Vending Machine

Weird Society x CryptoSodaz – Mini Delivery Truck

Weird Society x CryptoSodaz – Mini Vending Machine


Weird Society and Cryptosodaz collaboration will feature 2 NFT’s created by Doug. Manny then used those images for the collab to create the physical items, a miniature vending machine and miniature delivery truck. Both NFT’s will come with physical items for the purchasers. Manny has created two physicals- a mini vending machine (1) and delivery truck (1) which will go to the high bidder of each NFT. All other NFT purchasers will receive the 5 can mini Cryptosodaz set along with the NFT’s. Cryptosodaz is an ongoing art project which transforms various cryptocurrencies into soda pop cans digital designs and art. This collaboration is a melding of Weird Society and Cryptosodaz into new animated NFT designs and physical models.


Manuel R.

Manual (Manny) “Blessed are the weird people-poets, writers, painters.” Manny is the creative behind the mini pop art pieces and is a mixed media artist raised in lower East side of Manhattan. He is now deeply rooted in the Syracuse area with an affinity for bringing NYC to many of his miniature creations. He takes every day objects and creates little masterpieces. Between collecting leftovers from his children’s toys and scouring the craft isles Manny has been able to create tiny worlds with endless possibilities. A true family man, most to his art pieces have a hidden touch from one of his two young children who are usually creating right beside him.

Doug S.

Doug (dsaba) has worked in many mediums including oils, acrylics and inks. Over the last few years he began focusing on 3D modeling, digital and interactive media. In 2021, he started designing NFT’s that mixed his photography with animation. He has media & design experience in various industries and worked as a consultant with several Fortune 500 companies. Originally from CT, he moved to Austin TX  in 2011 and started a small design firm that has been recognized locally for over 12 years. He joined the NFT boom in early 2021 designing his first set of NFT’s launching them on the CRO blockchain.